Call for papers: MEGASTRUCTURES


This issue is edited by Dominique Rouillard, Anna Rosellini with Lorenzo Ciccarelli, Beatrice Lampariello. 

In 1964 the Japanese architect Fumihiko Maki defined Megastructure as “a large frame in which all the functions of a city or part of a city are housed” (Investigations in Collective Form, 1964). In the following years and decades, the term Megastructure expanded widely and it now includes architectures of different forms, functions and urban ambitions. Metabolism, Frei Otto, Constant A. Nieuwenhuys, Yona Friedman, Cedric J. Price, Archigram, Richard Buckminster Fuller are only a few of the protagonists who have developed a personal vision of the Megastructure and contributed to its evolutions. 

This issue of “Histories of Postwar Architecture” aims to collect several contributions in order to better define the theoretical implications, the architectural and urban declinations that the Megastructure assumed worldwide in the second half of the twentieth century. Moreover, the call aims to evaluate the topicality of Megastructure in relation to the present times.

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HPA next issues


Histories of Postwar Architecture is planning to publish its next issues on the following topics:


1968 (call for papers deadline: February 2018; publication by July 2018)

Megastructure (call for papers deadline: September 2018; publication by December 2018)

1992 (call for papers deadline: February 2019; publication by July 2019)

Transfert. Architectural, Visual, Narrative Trans-Actions 
(call for papers deadline: September 2019; publication by December 2019)

1953 (call for papers deadline: February 2020; publication by July 2020)

As Found (call for papers deadline: September 2020; publication by December 2020) 

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HPA - Call for Papers - 1968


One in two HPA issues focuses on one single year in postwar architecture.

HPA Issue 2 will be on 1968.

This issue is edited by Micaela Antonucci, Sofia Nannini, Gabriele Neri and Matteo Sintini.

Authors are requested to send proposals limited to that chronological unit or significantly
related to any event occurred in that particular year. 

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HPA - Call for Papers - Histories of the Future


Ines Tolic, Elena Formia, Matteo Cassani Simonetti (eds)

Histories of Postwar Architecture is dedicating its first issue to histories of the future which, imagined in the prewar period, survived, conceptually or physically, in the postwar era. Which was the physical and cultural destiny of prewar visions of either built or un-built futures, in the postwar scenario? What influence did they have on places, cities or environments? What traces of them remain in our present?

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