Spanish Post-War Architecture in Portuguese Magazines (1946 – 1970) – the cases of A Arquitectura Portuguesa & Cerâmica e Edificação (Reunidas) and Arquitectura

Paulo Tormenta Pinto, Alexandra Saraiva, João Paulo Delgado


The article deals with the publication of Spanish architecture in Portuguese mass-media during the post-war period. By focusing on two major titles, i.e. the A Arquitectura Portuguesa & Cerâmica e Edificação Reunidas and the Arquitectura magazines, the article traces the architectural, cultural, and political ties, but also the shifts, between the two Iberian countries, in a period that spans from the upsurge of the Spanish Civil War to the outbreak of the 1970s. In other words: from the raise of Franco to the death of Salazar. The article shows that, as early as January 1946, the new Spanish architecture was considered by Portuguese architectural magazines as a relevant subject, namely by the publication of the works authored by the Coderch and Valls team. Cumulatively, the article argues that this importance was linked to the long-lasting and well-documented relationship between Portuguese publishers and the Italian Domus magazine, made thru the patronage of Italian architect Gio Ponti.


Architectural Media Coverage; Spanish Post-War Architecture; Portuguese Post-War Architecture; Portuguese Architectural Magazines

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DOI: 10.6092/issn.2611-0075/9835


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