Leonardo Ricci and Florence (1936-1989)


  • Ilaria Cattabriga University of Bologna https://orcid.org/0000-0002-1113-3250




Leonardo Ricci, Florentine Architects, List of the Works, Arts and Architecture, Design Evolution


The paper wants to be an overview on the work of Leonardo Ricci in his town, Florence, by depicting a complete frame about his activity as a painter, architect, scenographer and about his relationship with Florence and with his projects in the different phases of his life.
The chronological span, from 1936 to 1989, was chosen in function of the available archival resources. The list of Ricci’s work is therefore enriched by his drawings that best explain his experimentation through different representative methods and languages, able to convey the projects’ strength.
The pictures of the drawings’s choice was also driven by the intention to integrate the iconographic material already published in HPA issue no. 9, Leonardo Ricci (1918-1994) - Archives I, which collects a plenty of unknown graphic documents, especially in the archival records sections.


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