A House in the Form of a City. Casa Ceccarelli in Bologna (1962-63)


  • Francesco Ceccarelli University of Bologna. Associate Professor.




Giancarlo De Carlo, Marcello Ceccarelli, Bologna, Urbino, Private Home


The Casa Ceccarelli in Bologna was designed by Giancarlo De Carlo for the astrophysicist and educator Marcello Ceccarelli in 1961-62, a time when the architect was working on the university settlement Collegio del Colle in Urbino, while his patron was completing the Croce del Nord (Northern Cross) - the first Italian radio telescope - in the Po valley. Born as a sort of experiment between two like-minded and unusual intellectuals, this building was, in De Carlo's words, “a flagrant case of a project-process, or in other words, of architecture” but also a laboratory for studying and testing new spatial inventions in a playful way. The author of this essay has lived in the house since he was a boy, experiencing it as a miniature city surrounded by its countryside and populated by numerous friends who were always there.


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Ceccarelli, F. (2019). A House in the Form of a City. Casa Ceccarelli in Bologna (1962-63). Histories of Postwar Architecture, 2(5), 49–63. https://doi.org/10.6092/issn.2611-0075/11192