How Brazil’s Modern Architecture Revolution impacted Europe and Africa


  • Ana Cristina Dos Santos Tostões Associate Professor Technical University of Lisbon IST, Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering University of Technology Lisbon



Modern Brazilian Architecture, Portuguese Architecture, Angola and Mozambique Architects


After WWII, magazines turned to fundamental sources for the dissemination of the modern avant-garde project. In this context, the discovery of modern Brazilian architecture through the media by the younger generation of Portuguese architects had enormous consequences for architectural culture. In fact, this modern Brazilian expression became a sign of hope and of future possibilities for the Portuguese architects who used it as a reference to heroically combat the Estado Novo’s regime of censorship. This essay analyses how this information was received and articulated, and how it became an anchor for modern creation in Portugal and its colonies in Angola and Mozambique. 




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Tostões, A. C. D. S. (2019). How Brazil’s Modern Architecture Revolution impacted Europe and Africa. Histories of Postwar Architecture, 2(4), 6–25.