Photography and Modern Architecture in Spain


  • Pedro Leão Neto University of Porto (FAUP)



Photography, Architecture, New American Topographics


Acknowledging the long history of mutual interference between Architecture and Photography, their complex and ubiquitous relationship, and understanding Photography as a relevant artistic and critical research tool, Inaki Bergera ́s work offers new light over these matters. Photography and Modern Architecture in Spain fosters a renewed under- standing of Spanish architecture from the modern period, compiling and structuring all the information that was somehow scattered or lost, speaking about the photographers that were creating images of those modern buildings and the architects to which they were associated with. New American Topographics is an astonishing photography book reinterpreting the visual discourse of the New Topographic aesthetics and bringing them to contemporary time. 




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Neto, P. L. (2019). Photography and Modern Architecture in Spain. Histories of Postwar Architecture, 2(4), 284–293.